Pork & Spiced Plum Sosaties

Justine Drake, Plums

A must for your next Braai!
• Serves 4
• Medium


• Marinade & Basting
• 6 Plums depipped & chopped
• 3cm Ginger peeled & grated
• 2 cloves Garlic crushed
• 2 Star Anise
• 3ml Chilli Flakes Dried
• 30ml Brown Sugar
• 80ml (1 orange) Orange Juice
• Meat
• 2 Pork Neck Chops 400g cubed
• 1 Onion Red finely chopped
• handfull Coriander finely chopped
• Salt
• Pepper milled


1. Place all marinade/basting sauce ingredients into a small pot and simmer to soften using a spoon to break down plums
2. Cook to create a jam-like consistency. Season to taste and puree if desired
3. Arrange meat in a non-metal dish and pour over marinade
4. Marinate for an hour if possible
5. Thread meat, alternating smoked and unsmoked cubes onto soaked wooden skewers
6. Braai over medium coals (or grill in the oven) basting with sauce as you go, until done to your liking
7. Meanwhile toss salsa ingredients together
8. Done

Serve skewers with salsa on the side