Roasted Plums and Thick Honey Topped Greek Yoghurt

Jenny Morris, Peaches

• Serves 6


• 8 large red or black plums

• Juice of 1 orange

• Zest of 1 orange

• 3 Tbsp brown sugar 

• Pinch ground cloves (optional)
• 100 g soft butter 

• Cinnamon to dust

• 8 Tbsp granola

• 8 Tbsp thick Greek yoghurt 

• Honey to drizzle


1. Halve the plums and remove the stones.
2. Pack the plums tightly into an oven proof dish.
3. Squeeze the orange juice over the plums.
4. Mix together orange zest, brown sugar, cloves and butter, divide the mixture to dot onto each plum half, dust lightly with ground cinnamon.
5. Place the plums into the oven and bake for 18 – 20 minutes.
6. Place the granola into each glass or bowl, top with yogurt and honey and spoon over some plums.
7. Done.